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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Jul 30, 2015

This week we have a look at Canterbury. Who knew such bland looking game could be so contentious! The four corners do not agree on anything about the game! We can't even agree on the weight of the game!

As usual, we look at the different aspects of the game, including components, game length, weight of game,...

Jul 16, 2015

This episode we are looking at one of Gray's new favourite game - Dungeon Petz (well, it's new to us).

What do the other corners think of the game? Do they all agree it is a fantastic game? No? Are you surprised?

We have a look at the game length, and the main mechanisms of the game. Also we discuss the weight of the...

Jul 2, 2015

After just arriving back from Dice Tower Con 2015 in Orlando, Florida, the 4 Corners get together to talk about the Con. What is a Con? Does size matter? What to do at a Con?

We then get into doing a very quick review of the games we played while at the Con. They include:

Firefly         10:16
Terra Mystica       ...