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Four Corners of the Board podcast

May 26, 2016

We have a look at Airlines Europe - an Alan R Moon game, so based on Ticket to Ride, it's going to be great!

First we look at some games we've played recently :

New York 1901 00:30

Cacao 05:11

Gallerist 08:11

Worlds Fair 1893 11:15

We then have a quick look back at Thunder Alley (17:09).

Then into Airlines Europe - it's...

May 5, 2016

We look at Steam this week (an intro to train games)? Firstly a quick look at some other games we've played (not too many this podcast)

Orleans 00:40

Champions of Midgard 04:21

Then into Steam. Is it a good intro to train games? Is it even a train game? We have a look at this game coming from eurogames, with next to no...