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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Nov 24, 2016

We review Pandemic Legacy Season 1 this time, but don't worry, we will warn you before the review starts so you can avoid any spoilers! First we talk about some games we've played :

The Boss 01:00

Elder Sign 06:00

Pandemic : Reign of Cthulhu 12:00

We then do a look back at Powergrid (19:25)

And finally, the spoilers...

Nov 10, 2016

This episode we look at a new deck building adventure game - we are calling these types of games Deck Builder Plus. But first we look at some games we've played over the last 2 weeks :

Rolling Freight 00:30

Costa Rica 14:15

Pandemic The Cure 18:35

We then have a look back at Zombicide (25:50)

We then get into Clank...