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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Aug 29, 2017

In this episode Graeme and Dean look at winning. Does it alter how we feel about a game? Do we feel we have to win every game? Are there times when we hold back or put extra effort? What about winning at any cost and what happens when you play against somebody who wants to win at any cost?

We finish up the episode with...

Aug 25, 2017

We start of the podcast as normal with some games we've played :

Exit the Game
Deathbot Derby
Dice Forge
Age of Thieves
Rhein River Trader
Deception Murder in Hong Kong (although in the banter on this game I got the number of cards wrong, we did play it correctly - 8 not 6 cards per person)


Aug 15, 2017

The inaugural episode of Across the Board.

Since the Four Corners of the Board has gone to every three weeks, I thought a "filler" podcast might tide you over till our next regular show.

I teamed up with Dean Ligget from the Board Game Buffet podcast, and we will be having a 30 minutes podcast every two weeks. We...

Aug 4, 2017

Before we get into the main reviews of 2 small publisher games, we have a look at some games we have played recently :

Nina and Pinta

We then get into the main games of the episode - Heir to the Throne and Affliction Salem 1692. Now one of these games one of...