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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Apr 8, 2016

We are having a look at Letters from Whitechapel today. First we have a look at a few games we've played since the last podcast :

Mysterium 00:50

Roads and Boats 05:34

Gold West 12:12

Grand Austrian Hotel 17:54

Age of Sigmar 22:26

Walled City 25:07

We then get into the main game. We start with theme and components - since this is based on a real event, how does that effect the theme of the game? We are a group of 2 alpha gamers, how does this game handle that (or does it)? Is the game balanced? Does the game go on too long for what it is? Which is the more fun side to play - Jack or the police?

We actually mostly agree on many points, but the game is not for everybody in the group, find out why!

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