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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Jan 7, 2016

This is it! Our end of year look back episode. We have a look at all the 2015 games we've played in 2015 (26 in total). Surely, amongst all those games, there is something we all agree upon right? Sit tight for a long episode to find out!

Bottlecap Vikings 00:55
Time Stories 02:50
7 Wonders Duel 08:53
Terra 10:47
Artifacts Inc. 15:47
Codenames 17:07
Dice City 19:18
Chaosmos 21:12
Warhammer Quest 25:12
Big Book of Madness 27:05
Pingo Pingo 33:41
Elysium 36:39
Roll for the Galaxy 38:50
Code of Nine 43:15
Xenoshift Onslaught 47:45
Ghostbusters 52:04
Flick 'em Up! 54:11
XCOM : The Board Game 55:59
Isle of Sky 1:01:13
Star Trek 5 Year Mission 1:03:24
Ticket to Ride UK and Pennsylvania 1:07:17
Pandemic Legacy 1:13:09
504 1:17:44
The World of Smog : On Her Magesty's Service 1:21:34
Orleans 1:26:04
Food Chain Magnate 1:31:34

We end off with giving our picks of the year.

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