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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Nov 13, 2015

We start off this episode by doing very quick reviews/first impressions of some of the games we've played :

On her Magesty's Service 02:00

Star Wars Risk 03:00

Fits 05:00

Tikal 06:30

Wir Sind Das Volk 09:00

We then have a look back at the game we reviewed 1 year ago - Kingsburg (11:50)

Then we get into today's game : Bruges (16:25)

We look at components, theme (and lack there of), the large amount of randomness in the game and does that impact the two players who enjoy planning out long term strategies. We also have a look at the point salad aspect of the game - is it better to be points focused, or dabble a little bit in everything?