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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Sep 24, 2015

Before the Four Corners get into the discussion on Carcassonne we have a quick look at 2 games :

Chew : Case files of the FDA at 00:31

Codenames at 03:51

We then get into Carcassonne and talk about the components, strategies, and scoring. We also have a dicussion on why this 15 year old game is still going strong, and is it all down to the expansions?

We then discuss our favourite expansions to add to Carcassonne, and we end the discussion topics on the most contentious topic of the day : Theme! Who knew it had a them and members of the Board felt so strongly about it!

We end up giving our ratings (hint - one of us is no longer in love with the game) and finish up with suggestions for other games that give us a similar experience.

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