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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Dec 24, 2015

In the last regular episode of the year before our year end round up we have a look at an older game called Locomotive Werks. An economic train game, what could be the harm in that?

But first we look at some games we've played recently :

Dice City 01:12

Terra 02:48

Ghostbusters 06:30

Food Chain Magnate 08:28

We then look back at Nuns on the Run 11:45 - has our opinion changed on this game? Do we still want to play it?

We then get into Locomotive Werks (15:01). This is first 'pure' economic engine games we've reviewed and for some of us, it might be the last. We look at the usual components and theme and then delve into the game itself - including the mechanisms of the game : aging/rusting engines, random orders for trains, and how locomotives are sold. Also we discover that there is only one path for victory, but each of us has a different path to victory.

Is this a game worth playing? That depends on which corner of the board you identify with - listen to find out!