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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Jun 30, 2016

No indepth review of a game this week - but a review of the Origins Game Fair! First we start off by giving a quick look at some of the games we've played recently :

Quadrolopis (3 player game) 00:57

Planet Steam 06:30

Fire and Axe 16:23

Dalek Dice 24:24

Stockpile 33:34

Then we review Origins! Graeme and B were at Origins for 5 days. What was it like for first timers? Did Gray enjoy his time as at the Dice Tower booth? Would we recomment the con? What did we do there? What did we like and dislike about the con? Would Lella and Megan enjoy the Con? Gray also quickly comments on the few games he played while down there :

Tyrants of the Underdark

Merchant of Venus

The Spoils