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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Feb 4, 2016

We decided to have a look at a much loved game, Smallworld! First we talk about some of the games we've played recently, including Codenames (and does it work in a large group of non-gamers?) and Red Dragon Inn.

We then do a look back at Formula D - does it still hold up a year later?

We then get into the meat of the episode, Smallworld. We discuss the theme and components (as usual) - it's Days of Wonder, so you know there will be no issues with the components! We then talk about the main mechanism of the game - and is it really just the novelty of the race/power combinations that make this game interesting? Is the game long enough? For those of us that like meaty, strategic games, is this one still enjoyable?

You might not be surprised by now, but we have a split at the table in our final opinions!

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