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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Feb 19, 2016

We have a look at the newest expansion to a much beloved classic game - Ticket To Ride United Kingdom and Pennsylvania.

First we have a quick look at some games we've played recently :



We then have a look back at Race for the Galaxy. Are we still split on the game.

Next comes a discussion on original Ticket to Ride to get a base feeling around the board before talking about the expansions.

We have a look at components (the colourful UK map and the not so colourful Pennsylvania) and theme - and we discuss when we tend to internalize the theme (or read more into the theme than is actually there). We also discuss if we have any problems with the game, or is this just the perfect intro game for new games. We finally give our ratings for the base ticket to ride.

We then discuss the two expansions - United Kingdom and Pennsylvania. We discuss the differences between the base game and the expansion and does the expansion fit with Ticket to Ride. We are split on the two expansion, and have quite strong feelings on the two expansions.