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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Jun 9, 2016

We have a look at a game that is up for a dice tower award for "Game of the Year by a Small Publisher"

First we look at a few games we've played recently :

Quadropolis (00:30)

City of Iron (08:00)

Merchants and Merauders (17:30)

Red Dragon Inn (25:10)

Then we have a look back at Thunderstone Advance (29:00) - does it still hold up being one of the first deck builders?

Finally we look at Champions of Midgard - theme and components. Are we tired of vikings? Does this add anything to a worker placement genre? Are there any interesting mechanisms? Is there anything we would change?

Don't forget to check out and click on the Awards link to view all the great games up for an award!

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