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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Dec 24, 2015

In the last regular episode of the year before our year end round up we have a look at an older game called Locomotive Werks. An economic train game, what could be the harm in that?

But first we look at some games we've played recently :

Dice City 01:12

Terra 02:48

Ghostbusters 06:30

Food Chain Magnate 08:28

We then...

Dec 3, 2015

This episode we are looking at Principato. 

First we take a look back at one year ago and have a quick look at 7 Wonders (00:24) - how does it hold up? Does Gray still dislike it?

We then delve into Principato (05:45)

Is this a game with sparkling theme or just a themeless Euro?

The four corners have a look at...