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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Apr 24, 2018

On this episode, Dean and Graeme look at mastering games. What does that mean to us? Have we mastered any games? What does mastering a game mean to the enjoyment of a game?

We then do our Top 5 Games We Want to Master.

Apr 12, 2018

We are a week late and a host short! Graeme just got back from vacation and Lella just left for vacation so this episode is a little later than planed.
Needless to say we start by talking about some games we've played :

Ticket to Ride France and Old West
Orphans and Ashes
Saboteur 2
Mechs vs....

Apr 10, 2018

This episode Dean and Graeme look at our collections and collecting in general. How big are our collections? Will we ever stop? Do we have a goal in mind? Do we sell/trade/donate games?

We finish with the top 5 games that will never leave our collections.