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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Jul 2, 2015

After just arriving back from Dice Tower Con 2015 in Orlando, Florida, the 4 Corners get together to talk about the Con. What is a Con? Does size matter? What to do at a Con?

We then get into doing a very quick review of the games we played while at the Con. They include:

Firefly         10:16
Terra Mystica        11:16
Scoville        13:39
Fluxx            17:23
Lost Cities        19:05
Zombie Dice        21:45
Alchemists        23:00
Agents of Smersh    26:57
Chez Geek        28:53
Red 7            32:43
Flick em Up!        36:06
Colosseum        40:08
Dungeon Petz        42:12
Stock Car Race        44:13 (Richard Launius Prototype)
Pericles        49:25
Batman Loveletter    51:30
Erruption        52:51
Pitchcar        54:45
Werewolf        56:38
Concept            1:00:56
Diamonds        1:05:20
Dominion        1:06:41

We then end the show with our favourite experiences from the Con.