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Four Corners of the Board podcast

Dec 22, 2016

We review a big box of bling! Otherwise known as Mechs Vs Minions. But first we start off by looking at some games we've played recently :

Above and Below 02:00

Oceanos 09:22

Feast of Odin 15:36

Geek Out! 23:20

Inis 29:12

We then look back a year at Lords of Vegas and Vegas Showdown.

We then dive into Mechs vs Minions - sure it has fantastic components, but what about the game? How does it play? What about the mechanisms? It's co-op, so how does it handle the alpha player(s)? It's programmed movement, is that OK? It has a simplist minion AI, are we OK with that? It has drafting, does it do that well? Oh, look at the pretty minis.....